• Service and Maintenance

  • New Pool Construction

  • Winterizing


New Pool Construction:

  • Custom Luxury Pools & Spas
  • In Ground Pools
  • Residential Lazy River


  • Chemicals
  • Water Analysis
  • Cleaning Equipment


  • Weekly Service
  • Water Balancing
  • Vacuuming


  • Pool Openings
  • Winterization
  • New Cover Installation

Schedule Your Closing Now.

Pool Closings include:

  • Draining & winterizing pool pump & filter.
  • Blowing out incoming and return lines & winterizing (if applicable).
  • Removing ladders & handrails.
  • Installing plugs & gizmos.
  • Adding shock and installing pool cover. 

We do not vacuum the pool or lower the water. (If your water needs to be lowered, you will be advised of that when scheduling the closing.)

Additional chemical treatments and services can be performed provided they are requested at the time of submitting your Pool Closing Request.

We recommend that you bring a water sample to the store for testing at least one week before your scheduled closing. Having your water properly balanced just prior to closing offers the best chance for a smooth opening with minimal effort in the spring.

It is important to make sure the pool cover, water tubes, plugs, gizmos, etc. are left poolside.

You may call the store @ 518-729-4807 to schedule your Pool Closing. If calling after store hours please be sure to include a daytime phone number where you can be reached. Our response will be via phone so we can confirm the date and time and provide you with the appropriate instructions to prepare for closing.

Free Water Testing

Cool River Pools has been helping families maintain their pools and pool water for over 40 years. We have the tools, experience and know-how to make your life easier!

The most important aspect to spending more time enjoying your pool or spa vs. not enjoying it is keeping the water clean and sanitary. This is also referred to as “water balance”. If the water balance is not maintained properly, it could lead to unhealthy situations for swimmers, damage your pool & pool equipment and make you wish you never had a pool.

In the past, keeping your pool properly maintained required a fair amount of time, diligence and harsh chemicals. Today, new technologies have made the process much simpler and dramatically reduced the amount of time and chemicals required to keep your pool crystal clear. However, it still requires advanced knowledge in those new technologies and water chemistry in general to analyze your water accurately and advise you appropriately. Our staff goes through frequent and ongoing training & recertification so they remain “best in class” when it comes to knowledge, expertise and customer service.

Bring a water sample in as often as you like for a free analysis. We recommend at least once a week. While you browse our store, we’ll test your water for Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, pH, Chlorine (or Bromine), Borates and Cyanuric Acid (also know as chlorine stabilizer). Once we’re finished, we’ll tell you what chemicals you need and give you step-by-step instructions on how and when to add them. (Note – Depending on your specific situation, your water may require additional tests… all free, of course!)